Monday, February 17, 2014


“OMG! There is more snow in the forecast!” Quickly turns into SNOWMG, there is more snow coming!!!  I am all about living in a region where my children get to experience the four seasons. Everyone loves watching flowers bloom in the spring, feeling the heat of the sunshine in the summer, playing in the leaves in the fall and a good snow that allows for sledding and snowman building, but sometimes we need just a little break from the SNOW. 

But then this winter came… and man, it has been a doozey.  The snow, the ice, the frigid temperatures, they have been pretty much nonstop since the end of December. I picked the wrong year to be off with a baby.  The school I work at has had 2 cancellations and numerous 2 hour delays (last year we had zero!).  We had a baby during the Polar Vortex, which wasn’t all have interesting when you have a Polar Vortex for the next 3 weeks after she was born. Greg was in Florida for work last week and I thought he would be trapped there forever because the south was slammed with an ice storm. Whaaaat?  How do palm trees survive ice?

Last weekend I got up early (I was already up…ha) to get my Valentine’s Day clearance deals, and took Greg’s car on our unplowed road and got it stuck right in front of our house, that was fun!

I could continue to complain about the Cabin Fever (it is a real epidemic!) we have all been experiencing, but the bright side, our house is confined, and Victoria is in a phase (I hope it is a phase) where it is probably just better that we are in our own home where I have control over here whereabouts (well, most of the time anyways).

I must have known that this winter would be a a snowy one because I had some super cute snowman pictures taken of our girls.  I know super cute and snow shouldn’t be in the same sentence, but these pictures were taken indoors!  If you live along the east coast you might dislike the weather we have been having (and more is coming this way), but I guarantee you will love this photos. Enjoy!






We are ready for spring & baseball season!!!


  1. SnowMG your pictures are adorable! Bring on springtime and baseball!

  2. Those pictures are so adorable!!! That snowman wrap is to die for LOL!
    This winter has been horrible! We have family who still haven't seen Kaylee Sue b/c they can't get here. We have a break from the cold right now but are expecting severe storms tomorrow. I'm ready to move!


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