Monday, February 24, 2014

Cousin Love!


Things have been crazy around here lately…I think Greg has now calculated 45 out of 67 days there has been someone sleeping in our guest bedroom.  We are so fortunate to have so many friends and family members that want to come spend time with our girls (and us too).



Last weekend my best friend from middle school (I stand corrected!) Jodie, her husband Ben or has I refer to him…BH, and their adorable little guy Bryan came to stay with us.  We have not seen these guys since September for Bryan’s baptism in New York.  We didn’t see them for Thanksgiving or Christmas like we usually do because I was waiting around here to have this baby.  They came on Valentine’s Day, which is also Jodie’s birthday, so we had a lot of celebrating to do when they arrived.




We all loved spending time with little Bryan.  He is one of the most smiley babies I have ever seen…always so happy! I am not even sure he cried once while at our house.  He just started crawling the week before he came, so it was cute to see him try to keep up with Victoria.  We got him a collapsible tunnel for Christmas and he crawled through it the first time with no fear! (Look out Jodie & Ben!). 


Victoria made a big Valentine sign for who she always refers to as “Baby Bryan” and a birthday sign for Aunt JoJo.  Uncle Ben made a nice dinner for us and we sang Happy Birthday to Aunt Jodie and Victoria, while having cookie cake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. 


Then it was time to celebrate Christmas and birthdays all in one night!  Victoria was very spoiled by Aunt Jodie & Uncle Ben, and this did not include all of the big sister gifts that had already been sent to our house before their visit!  She received a scooter and Doc McStuffins and Despicable Me favorites.  Which buy the way….the 10000 sticker activity book stickers can be seen on display in almost every room in our house, and those Minion tattoos, I think are permanent (still on her arm with no signs of wearing off), but she LOVES them!





Before we knew it, it was late and everyone was exhausted (back in the day when Jodie would come to visit, we would just be leaving for a big night out in Pittsburgh, ha.).  We had an early morning at the mall planned as we schedule the first picture appointment at the studio on Saturday.

Jodie & I are huge fans of Picture People Photo Studio, we are both rewards members, which means we get a lot of pictures for not a whole lot of money.  We had been talking about getting the kids pictures together for weeks, and decided to go with the Navy, Pink & White theme, which were also the colors of her NYC Bridal Shower that was ruined by hurricane Irene.  Jodie requested that it be Pinteresty, so before I knew it I had some Etsy garland arriving at my door for the shoot.


I laughed when the lady asked me the ages of the kids in the shoot, 3 under the age of 3, sounded like a hot and sweaty nightmare to me.  But surprisingly, the kids were great!  Amelia slept the whole entire time (thanks to being up all night with reflux), Bryan was his smiley self and Victoria smiled big for the gummies camera!  The shoot was pretty painless and we were able to get some cute photos.  We spent some time shopping, at the kids play area and then food court for lunch and then headed back for naptime.



Jodie & I decided to spend some quality time together and get pedicures!  This would be my first ever winter pedicure. I am too practical for my own good sometimes, never paying money to get my toes done in the winter when no one will see them, but it was nice to relax in the message chair and have crazy talks about breast feeding and baby food.


The weekend was over before we knew it, and late Sunday morning they started their track back to NYC, but not before allowing us to borrow what I call “The Cadillac Baby Bathtub”.  I bought this crazy thing for Jodie’s baby shower, never thinking I would actually be asking to borrow it later…And after using it a handful of times already, I have to say that it is worth every penny to be able to 1.) stand at your sink instead of kneel over the bath tub and 2.) Amelia hasn’t cried once while taking a bath in it 3.) Greg and I are not running around trying to get her in & out as quickly as possible 4.) we are not worried about the water temperature.  So in the end, it was money well spent!


We always have such a great time with Jodie, Ben and Baby Bryan, and we are looking forward to taking 3 kids 3 and under into NYC for a baseball game when the Pirates play the Yankees this year! Should be a hot & sweaty time!!


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