Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Between Friends: Pittsburgh North Spring Sale {Giveaway} #jbfpgh


It is that exciting time of year again!!!!  Just Between Friends Children's & Maternity Consignment Sale: Pittsburgh North is gearing up for another great sale, just in time for spring and summer shopping.  They are giving me the opportunity to giveaway 2 presale passes, allowing you to shop early, starting at 2pm! Details about the giveaway are at the end of this post.

This Super Bowl of consignment sales kicks off for everyone on April 25th. There is an exclusive pre-sale for team members, consignors, first-time parents, foster parents, military families and teachers on Thursday, April 24th!

What: JBF Pittsburgh North Children's & Maternity Spring/Summer Sale
When: Fri., April 25 – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sat., April 26 - 8am-5pm (NEW Merchandise!) & Sun., April 27 - 8am-5pm (Many items 50% off).
Where: RMU Island Sports Center Golf Dome, 7600 Grand Ave, Neville Island 15225
Admission: $3 on Friday (under 18 is free - or print your FREE admission pass located to the right side of my blog). Admission is free Saturday & Sunday.

JBF North (photo taken from JBF North & East fb page)

Want to turn YOUR clutter into CA$H at the Spring Sale? It's not too late to sign up to sell any new and gently used items your family has outgrown at the JBF event.

Consignors prepare and price their own items using an easy, online bar code system. They earn 60% of their sales or if they sign up as a team member and help out at the event, 70% of their sales. Anyone interested in consigning can sign up for the Pittsburgh event on the website (click here).
Team Members are an important part of our JBF event. Our JBF Team Members shop FIRST and earn 70% on their consigned items. Anyone who consigns is welcome to help out at the event. You can register as a team member for a short 4-hour shift to guarantee early admission at the pre-sale event! We hope to see YOU at the JBF Sale!
 JBF North 2
(photo taken from JBF North & East fb page)
Presale Passes Giveaway information: **Enter to WIN 2 presale passes to shop the JBF North Spring 2014 Sale on April 24th from 2pm to 9pm.  There are multiple ways to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, some entries allow you to come back daily to enter.  The giveaway will run from Wednesday, April 16th through 12am Wednesday, April 23rd. I will contact the winner via email.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Party!

After our Egg Hunt, we came home to enjoy some beautiful weather.  We have had a small taste of spring, here and there, but over the weekend we had two days of awesome weather.  Victoria wanted to play on her swing set and we decided it was a great day for Amelia to take her first ride in the baby swing!  We enjoyed some sunshine time as a family before heading out again to an Easter party with friends.







After our afternoon at home, we headed out to our friend’s house for the party.  Shortly after we arrived, the toddlers went on an egg hunt in the backyard.





Victoria played outside most of the time.  Greg took a video of Victoria playing soccer with the bigger kids, she did pretty well keeping up with them.  Greg supervised outside, while I took care of Amelia inside and then we would periodically switch, tag team parenting…no idea how people manage when there are more kids than parents.

After the hunt, the babies “participated” in an Easter egg photo shoot, well, they didn’t really have a choice in the matter.  Amelia was not amused, but did as she was told and sat in a basket of eggs.  These photos will be perfect for a slideshow for some important event like graduation or wedding some day. Haha.  Her buddy Liam wasn’t a huge fan, but was a good sport too. Her friend Violet was smart, she did not allow her mommy to put her in the basket. Ha.




After dinner, the kiddos dyed Easter eggs.  Dying eggs with toddlers is about as fun as making gingerbread houses with toddlers. Ha. Greg took over during the egg dying.  He has 100xs more patience that I do when it comes to this kind of thing and I did the gingerbread house, so it was only fair.  Victoria successful dyed 3 eggs with her friends and she didn’t wear any of the dye on her clothes, I think that makes it an Easter Miracle.  The only thing missing from this event was the Easter Bunny himself, any takers for next year???



We had a nice time hanging out with friends while the kids enjoyed playing with each other.  This is a fun little tradition we have started and we look forward to it every year. Victoria always goes to bed so easy after being with her friends, she plays hard.  Great Weather. Great Friends. Great Day.

Going on an Egg Hunt

Over the weekend we attended the 1st annual egg hunt at our community center. I love where we live and was so sad that they did not participate in any Easter activities in years prior, but this year new traditions began! We were not sure what to expect since it was the first year, but Greg suggested that we go early (of course) and check it out.



I had to register Victoria in advance, which made the sign in process a lot easier.  She received a colored wristband upon registration.  She was #4, we were not really sure what the number meant at first, but it ended up being a great number to have!



V spotted a purple egg cookie that she had to eat before doing anything else.  While she was eating the Easter Bunny walked by.  The little boy sitting next to her shouted, “You are not real, I can see your face through the eyes of your costume!”  Gee, thanks kid.  Victoria was oblivious to the whole thing, and she usually picks up on everything, everyone says.


V saw that the Easter Bunny was carrying a basket of lollipops, so she immediately followed.  We waited in a short line to see the bunny.  A local realty company takes pictures and then develops and has them ready for pick up at their office later in the week (a competing realty company does the same for Christmas), selling houses in our area is apparently a big deal. Ha. (It must be those awesome teachers that teach in the school district, ahem) Mia was sleeping, and she already met the Bunny and was unimpressed, so it was not worth waking her up for another pic.  Victoria talked with the Easter Bunny, because this bunny talked to you…weird! Victoria asked if she (this bunny was clearly a girl) was going to bring jelly beans to her Grammy’s house.




After bunny pics, we headed into the activity room to make some crafts.  Each table had a different craft with all the supplies, a sample and craft helpers.  I needed a craft helper as I assisted V in her bunny hat.  Elementary art projects are so not my thing.  I need to work on this skill deficit, STAT.  We were not able to do all of the crafts because Victoria’s number was called for the egg hunt.



Remember that #4 on her wristband? It meant that she was the first group of kids to go for her age group. I thought this was a genius idea.  Instead of mass amounts of kids trampling over everyone, the egg hunt was divided by age groups and then within the age groups, they only allowed about 12 kids to hunt at a time.  The weather was a nice, but a little muddy, so the hunt was held inside.  Victoria dug through the shreds of paper looking for eggs.  I think she was more concerned about the candy inside, and had to refocus her attention on finding her 10 eggs, one of which being the GOLDEN EGG!





After she emptied her eggs, collected her candy, returned the eggs, she headed over to the cookie table for a special golden egg surprise. A chocolate bunny! (because she did not have enough candy already)  It was starting to get crowded, so we decided to head out.  In the end, Greg’s idea to go early, was a good one, we were able to do all the things before it became too crowded and we were home in less than an hour.  Sometimes he can be smart!  Sweet little Mia slept almost the entire time.  I love that we have another fun family tradition within our community.  Victoria is already looking forward to next year!



Monday, April 14, 2014

Amelia Meets the Bunny

Last weekend we were having a rare, lazy weekend at home when we realized, this is the only lazy weekend at home in the month of April.  So we loaded the kids into the car and headed to the mall so that Amelia could meet the Easter Bunny for the first time.  We probably won’t do the mall bunny every year, but the first year is special.  Victoria sat on the same bunny’s lap 3 years ago.  Amelia is 3 months and Victoria was 2 months when they met the bunny for the first time, neither one were phased by the experience, but Santa should be fun with Amelia this year…haha.




We arrived right when the mall opened so our line for the Bunny was not too long. Aaaaand…after a disappointing Christmas visit with no train, The Train was back for the Easter Bunny! Victoria was beyond thrilled to be reunited with the train again!  She patiently waited for the bunny, sat on his lap with no tears and then finally went for a train ride!




Doing all the firsts with Amelia is fun, but it is just as fun, if not even more so with Victoria, she is the perfect age.  Visiting the Easter Bunny is so exciting! I am glad we are going to see him a total of 3 times before Easter.  This past weekend we went to our local community center for an egg hunt  and activities, more on that in the next post!



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amelia: 3 Months


After 3 months, do you no longer refer to your baby as a newborn? Things are becoming un-newborn like around here, which makes me a little sad, but also excited about the next few baby stages, my favorite phase, 6-9 months, will be here before I know it. The weather has been warmer and Amelia had her first wind in the face experience, she wasn’t so sure about that, but I think she is going to like being outside a lot more. She has not broken in the baby swing on the swing set yet, we need to make that happen soon!

Stats: We did not have a doctor appointment this month (thank you healthy baby!) so I do not know exactly how much she weighs, but if I had to guess, I would say that she has reached 13 pounds, if not a little over. She has been stylin’ in 3-6 month clothing for a few weeks now (Changing out 2 girl closets was a process, but their spring/summer wardrobes are ready!).  I love dressing Amelia in Victoria’s clothing, girls are so fun to dress & match!  She is still taking medication 3 times a day for reflux.  A baby with reflux means we do a lot of laundry, I think we change Amelia’s outfits an average of 3 times a day. Baby spit up, I think I wear it well.


Victoria & Amelia wearing the same outfit!!



Feeding:  She is still very much fed on demand, but will go about 3-4 hours during the day in between feedings. She is still an exclusively breast milk baby.  Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding, but it is not an every night occurrence.  She will take anywhere form 4-6oz during a feeding.

Favorites:  She continues to enjoy her activity gym, she will now grab at the rattles and toys that hang from it, I even caught her trying to chew on one today (teething…noooooo, I don’t even want to think about that).  She is loving stroller rides outside these days.  She has always loved her car seat and going for drives (I hope this remains true as we gear up for our first long car ride with her this month).  She will often cry as soon as we are at a stoplight and then immediately stop once we start moving again.  She is really starting to love her Momma and I am secretly loving it. Victoria did not have a favorite, she equally like both of us at all baby stages, but Amelia is starting to be a momma’s girl.  She loves to hold on to the collar of my shirt while I feed or rock her at night, it is the sweetest thing.



Sisterhood: Victoria has asked to hold Amelia more this month and last week she even requested to feed her, thankfully I grabbed my camera because those moments never last very long.  There is a special ball rattle toy that Victoria shakes to get Amelia to stop crying and so far it has worked every time, it is so cute to watch Victoria go running for it at the first sound of a cry.  Victoria’s favorite thing to say about her sister, “Mia stinks!” she says this a lot, even when Mia does not stink. Amelia attended one of Victoria’s gymnastic classes this month, again, I hope she wasn’t taking notes because Victoria often has her own agenda at gymnastics.



Social: Amelia has been making a lot more eye contact this month and she is clearly aware when I leave the room, which has decreased my productivity during the day.  She is also talking up a storm with all of her baby cooing.  The smiling is still a work in progress…she has been smiling a lot more lately, but still tends to be more on the serious side, which makes picture taking interesting. She went on a trip to the Science Center downtown and has been busy catching up with her friends on play dates.   She also had a cousin sleepover a few weeks ago and has watched Frozen more times than she can count.



Events: She celebrated her 1st St. Patrick’s Day at home with her family.  Victoria was not interested in sharing her shamrock shake, so I promise to get you your own next year!   Amelia wore her first Pittsburgh Pirates gear for Opening Day.  She also sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap, the same bunny Victoria sat with for her first Easter.  We have had a lot of lazy weekends at home lately, which have been really nice.  Amelia’s first big road trip is coming soon, traveling with two kids will be a new experience, not just the trip, but the packing of all the stuff!  Amelia will be meeting lots of family and friends during our visit to Rochester, NY.



Sleep: Amelia continues to be a champ in this category.  We have not reached a full week where you have STTN every night, but we have gotten pretty close.  She has decided to move your bedtime up to about 8-8:30, because she just cannot hang any later than that. I though this would mess up her wake up time, but I should know better.  She still wake up around the same time, regardless of when she goes to bed.  She takes about 3 naps a day, I wish they were all good ones, but usually one is good and the other two are what I like to call “crap naps”.  We are still working on Amelia sleeping on her back, she had taken a few short naps recently on her back, but continues to sleep in a reclined position in her Rock n Play.


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